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Kubb Empire

Premium Edition Kubb Set and Backpack

Premium Edition Kubb Set and Backpack

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The Kubb Empire Standard Size Set is crafted from solid hardwood material and is comprised of pieces that are heavy and durable for years of play. While this set is not official tournament size (if you need an official size set checkout our Tournament Size set), it provides a comparable heavy weight and feel while affording you the benefit of portability during your next outing. These pieces, unlike some smaller sets made from light woods, are not likely to blow over in windy conditions.

Kubb (kuh-ō-ō-b) is a game of mysterious origin. Whether it hails from 1900’s Sweden or the age of Vikings, one thing is certain, Kubb is one of the greatest lawn games ever conceived.

  • Play Kubb on grass, gravel, sand, and…if you’re brave even the snow!
  • Flexible player count makes it easy to play with groups of up to 12 or as few as 2 players.
  • Suitable to be played by people across a wide range of ages
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